Products offered by ABI


Education Verification
When job performance requires a specific level of education, this search confirms that an applicant has actually achieved it. You’ll receive verification of schools attended, diplomas, degrees, certificates and dates of attendance.

Credit History
Produces a full credit record from your choice of one of the nations top credit bureaus, and offers insight into an applicants reliability and sense of responsibility. The report also includes information on public filings, as well as an address history.

Social Security Number Verification
Fraudulent use of Social Security numbers is a growing problem. Using credit bureau data, this process will authenticate the name associated with a given number and verify when and where the number was issued. It will report the names of any other people who may have used this number, as well as providing current and previous addresses.

Criminal History
County Court Filing History This manual search of Superior and Municipal Court records in any county will turn up all felony or misdemeanor filings within the last seven years, showing date filed, charges, level of charges, disposition date and final disposition. (Additional years are available upon request.)

Civil Court Filing History This search of Superior and/or Municipal Court records yields a report on any civil litigation involving a particular individual or business during the past seven years. The results include the names of plaintiff and defendant, the date filed, the type of action, and the current status or disposition. (This service is not included in the standard services and fees)

Federal Criminal Court Search Crimes such as bank robbery, embezzlement or tax evasion are examples of offenses that would fall under federal jurisdiction. The search lists criminal filings in any of the nation’s 300 Federal District Courts. The response would provide details such as the case number, date of filing and charges, as well as the current status or disposition of the case. Similar information would be provided on federal civil filings. (This service is not included in the standard services and fees)

Workers Compensation
A complete search of an individual's workers compensation claims for individual states when the information is available.  This search typically spans the previous 5 to 7 years depending on the state.

Driving Record
A must in cases where applicants will be required to operate a motor vehicle. Complete records for the past 3-7 years are available from all states and the District of Columbia. Reports include personal data as well as any offenses/citations.

Employment History Verification
Unfortunately, some applicants are less than candid about their employment history. Upon your request, our trained staff will contact an applicant’s past employers and verify dates of employment, salary, reason for termination and eligibility for re-hire. Using specialized interviewing techniques and industry-specific questions, we can determine whether further inquiry into a specific area is warranted.

Personal Reference Check
References provided as well as previous supervisors are interviewed to obtain strengths and weaknesses as well as work habits. You’ll receive a summary of the results of interviews.

Professional License Verification
When a position requires a professional license such as Professional Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, CPA's etc. ABI will verify that the license is in place in the state required.  You will receive a summary which indicates whether the license is valid.

Local Fingerprinting
Many positions require by law that fingerprints are taken by a professional and submitted to the FBI for investigation.  ABI can fingerprint your potential employees within the local area and complete the submission for you.