There are more than an estimated 80,000 cases of identity fraud each year. In fact, the average organization loses more than 6% of its annual revenue to fraud and abuse. And a shocking 30% of business failures are due to poor hiring practices.

Why waste your time training employees who will leave or be terminated??
Why Outsource to ABI?

The Employer Wins With:

  • Reduced Exposure to Negligent Hiring and Discrimination Claims
  • Compliance with the FCRA, ADA, EEOA, and the ADEA
  • Assurance of Hiring the Most Qualified Individual
  • Decrease in Hiring Costs and Employee Turnover
  • No Guesswork in the Hiring Process
  • No Hassle in the Verification Process
  • No Monthly Minimums or Start Up Costs
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Staff
  • A Simple Order Process